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Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010

Back from FOSDEM

Hi all,

I'm back from FOSDEM, Brussels. It was a great and impressive event and i meet there a lot of PostgreSQL-people. The talks given in our devroom were imposing, i have learned a LOT about our upcoming new release 9.0, in particular streaming replication, exclusion constraints and (with thanks to the talk given from Sergey Petrunya about MariaDB) join removal (the MariaDB calls this feature "table elimination" and after his talk i have discussed that feature with Stefan 'mastermind' Kaltenbrunner. He informed me that we have this feature in 9.0, but we called it 'join removal').

Okay, i don't want peeve you with my really poor english. Last but not least, i have made a lot of pictures. You can see almost all pictures here:


Not all pictures are in a reasonable quality, sorry. The pictures are reduced to 50%, if someone want individual pictures in full resolution, just ask me.

I'm looking forward to see you in Amsterdam...

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